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Landscape Supplies and Stone Products in Winkler

You can associate with us for landscape supplies in Winkler, MB, including the down and clear limestone supply. Limestone has been in use since ancient times in various fields and numerous ways. It is a sedimentary rock that is incredibly durable. Its different properties make it a versatile mineral, which is why it was used in some of the most majestic buildings in the world. Besides offering strength to a structure, limestone can also serve as a decorative stone, but we do not recommend its use around trees, shrubs, plants, or flowers. 

Giesbrecht excavating Ltd is a reliable provider of landscape supplies in Winkler, MB, and offers both down and clean limestone of various sizes. Our down limestone includes powder and smaller pieces that make it fit for packing, while our clean limestone is dust and powder-free.

Down Limestone

1/4” Down limestone

1/4” Down Best for:

  • Under driveway finishing
  • Pathways
  • Under patio blocks
3/4” Down limestone

3/4” Down Best for:

  • Driveways
  • Fence posts
2” Down limestone

2” Down Best for

  • Driveway or parking lot base

Clean Limestone

3/4” Clean limestone

3/4” Clean Best for:

  • Weeping Tiles and Drainage
  • Driveway Finishing
  • Under Decks
1 1/2” Clean limestone

1 ½” Clean Best for:

  • Drainage
  • Under Decks
  • Decorative
2-4” Clean limestone

2-4” Clean Down Best for

  • Driveway or Parking Lot Base
  • Road & Building Base
4” Clean limestone

4” Clean Down Best for

  • Road and Building Base

We Can Fulfill Your Landscaping Needs

Based on your specific requirements choose from our collection of down and clear limestone and renovate your parking lot base, driveway or drainage.

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