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Sand & Gravel

Go for High-Quality Aggregates in Wrinkler

At Giesbrecht Excavating Ltd, we offer a wide range of aggregates in Winkler, MB, including sand and gravel products. We have everything from limestone to play sand to cater to your specific requirements. You can trust our large inventory levels, which ensures a consistent supply of materials. Our team can help you determine what you need the most and in what quantity. We are committed to providing high-quality products at competitive prices, backed with exceptional customer service, so if you need any product, feel free to connect with us.

Sand Products

Bedding sand

Bedding sand

It is our coarse sand, also known as “Bedding Sand”. It can be used for levelling purposes, such as under patio blocks and as backfill for grade beams, pipes, and buried cables.

Fine Sand

Play sand (Fine Sand)

Our fine sand is suited for sandboxes and volleyball courts and is useful for masonry work, such as filling in cracks between patio stones.

Gravel Products

A Base - Base Material

It is a base material approximately 19mm to 25 mm in size. It has excellent compaction capacity and meets most city and provincial specifications. Hence it is used for road construction, driveways, and slab work.

C Base - Base Material

It is a base Material approximately 75mm in size. Its main use is as a base material for road work. It can also be used in backfill projects.

Pit Run - Granular Fill Material

It is a granular fill material mined straight from the bank in the pit (unscreened). It is a rough sand and gravel product. The size of the material will vary. It is used as a backfill material and as a base material on driveways, parking lots, grade beams.

Rely on Us for Sand and Gravel

Explore and pick from our wide variety of high-quality sand and gravel products and create a perfect landscape in your property.

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