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Vac Truck

Non-Destructive Hydrovac Excavation in Winkler

At Giesbrecht Excavating Ltd, we have the appropriate equipment, experience, and trained personnel to provide effective hydro-vac excavation services in Winkler, MB. The hydro-vac technique uses water pressure to loosen and break up the soil safely, and the slurry is then vacuumed into a debris tank. Daylighting utilities by hydro-excavating are safer and generally more cost-effective than traditional mechanical excavation or hand digging. It is also an effective method for utility pole installation and slot trenching applications. 

We have an extensive fleet of vacuum trucks to get your job done safely and efficiently. Our excavation service using water provides a non-destructive means to locate utilities safely. We employ innovative methods for delivering project-specific solutions and strive to offer the most cost-effective and efficient way to achieve your desired outcome. Feel free to talk to us in case you have any queries. 

Locate Utilities Safely With Vac Trucks

Our skilled operators and advanced equipment offer safe and effective hydro-excavation services to suit your needs at affordable prices. 

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